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Barapind some time spell Bara Pind (Punjabi, Urdu: بڑا پنڈ, Hindi: बड़ा पिन्ड), is a village of Shakargarh Tehsil, Narowal District, Punjab, Pakistan. Bara Pind is about 30 miles east of Sialkot and 15 miles west of India-Pakistan border on Zafarwal-Shakargarh road. It is located on the bank of Basantar nala.


 Due to the proximity of Jammu and Kahsmir mountains, the weather here is relatively temperate compared to the extreme summer heat of the plains of the Punjab. On a clear day one could see the mountains of Kashmir and at nighttime lights of the city of Samba (Jammu and Kashmir).

Important Places

  • Main Market (Bazaar)
  • Basanter (Little river)
  • Jungle (Bela)
  • Yadghar-e- Shuda-e-71
  • Dera Baba Qalandar Hussain (Ameeran Abaad)


  • Government High School Bara Pind(Boys)
  • Government Secondary School Bara Pind (Girls)
  • Charaghiyah Public School (Private)


  • Jam-e-Masjid Bara Pind  
  • Masjid Bilal
  • Masjid Usman
  • Masjid Bazar Wali
  • Ead Gah Government High Boys School Bara Pind (Boys)

Graveyards (Qabristan)

  • Graveyard of Barapind (Qabaristan)
  • Graveyard of Parghuwal (Qabaristan)

Tombs (Maqbare)

  • Tomb of Hazrat Baba Qalandar Hussain Qalandar
  • Tomb of Hazrat Baba Flaye Wale
  • Tomb of Hazrat Baba Saeen Allah Rakha


  • The following Telecom operators work in the village.
  • Mobilink (Mobile) GSM network
  • PTCL (Landline)
  • Telenor (Mobile) GSM network
  • Ufone (Mobile) GSM network
  • V-PTCL (PTCL wireless) CDMA network
  • Warid (Mobile) GSM network
  • Zong (Mobile)

Sports Organizations


  • Eagle Football Club Barapind

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